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(Earn An Extra $250-$2000/Month By Getting Paid For Your Thoughts/Opinions)

E-Commerce is the single fastest-growing business model in today’s current market. However, let’s be realistic...we have to understand that not everyone has sufficient capital needed to launch a business. 

That’s why we built E-Commerce Capital, the fastest and most efficient way to boost your income without having to get another job or sacrifice time! You get paid to answer surveys and give your opinions, yes it’s that simple!

What Most Gurus Will Tell You…

At Digilism, we believe in being upfront and honest with everything you would need to start a business. Part of that mission includes a sufficient budget to build something that will not only be competitive but long-lasting in your market. Most gurus will either do 2 of the following: Take you in as a student/client knowing you don’t have sufficient funds for ad spend etc. (limiting your success) or will outright deny you and will not give you options to succeed in the long-run. (leaving you lost, with no direction).

All Of That Changes Now.

Let us help you build the necessary capital to start your business! Follow our simple steps on getting marketing companies to pay you for your opinions! A very simple process, and when done correctly can make you a consistent $30-$70/hour. Regardless of whether you’re a college student, a parent with responsibilities, or slaving away at your 9-5 job and are just finding yourself with little money leftover…This is the solution for you.

How Is This Possible?

We do marketing, so we know what other marketing companies are looking for when releasing a new product or service to the market. What would that be you say? Believe it or not...simple opinions! Think about how companies release brand new products to the market...before spending millions of dollars on releasing a new soda or new vacuum to the marketplace, they want a real consumer’s viewpoint on whether it’s good or not! 

Let us show you how you can effectively get these companies to swarm to you, ultimately leaving you with unlimited opportunities and an extra boost in your income.

Course Curriculum

  • 1
    E-Commerce Capital
    • Intro To E-Commerce Capital
    • Companies Will Pay Me Money?
    • Getting Paid & How Companies Will Reach Out To YOU. (Without Getting Another Job)
    • The Secret Money App & How It Works
    • How To Take Action & What To Look Out For (So Companies Will Pay You)
    • Resources (Links Included)