Your Mentor

  • Kendall Shaw

    E-Commerce Expert

    Kendall Shaw

    Kendall is an 18-year-old e-Commerce Entrepreneur that consistently generates 6 figures in PROFIT for himself & his clients by leveraging social media to sell products online.

What's Included

  • 1
    Welcome To The E-Commerce Cheat Sheet
    • Before We Begin...
    • Edison's Psyche (IMPORTANT)
  • 2
    Product Research 101
    • Product Research Hacks
    • Online Blog (Ultimate Targeting Hack)
    • Online Blog Gift Guide Examples
    • Instagram Shopping
    • Product Research Google Sheet
    • Ask Questions!
    • Product Research PDF
  • 3
    Instagram Gold Rush (& How to Milk It)
    • Instagram Marketing Simplified
    • Instagram Page Branding
    • Instagram Influencers
    • Finding / Contacting Instagram Theme Pages Live
    • Instagram Resources (Influencer Script)
    • Influencer Funnel (Case Study) Coming Soon
  • 4
    Intro To Facebook Ads
    • Business Manager, Ad Accounts, & Creating Pages
    • What is the Facebook Pixel? (Installation Guide)
    • Interest Targeting + Audience Research
    • Product Testing Strategies
    • How To Scale Facebook Ads
    • Facebook Ad Resources
    • My Movie 9
    • Conceptually Understanding Facebook Advertisements
  • 5
    Elite Facebook Ads (Coming Soon)
    • Instagram Story (Hack)
    • Retargeting
    • Horizontal & Vertically Scaling
  • 6
    How to Build a Website That Converts...
    • Website Design Module Intro (Shogun + Oberlo)
    • Product Importing from Aliexpress + Fulfillment
    • Homepage Design (Shogun)
    • My Top 5 Apps + Configurations
    • How to Write a Product Description That Converts
    • Necessary Pages
    • HomePage Design Layout
    • Website Launch Checklist
    • Custom Shopify Theme
  • 7
    Ad Creation (& why it will make or break your profits)
    • Importance of Custom Advertisements
    • How to Get Your Product in 1-4 days.. (Amazon)
    • How to Create Advertisements Before You Order Your Product
  • 8
    Tracking Profits & Staying Organized
    • Order Metrics
    • Daily Objectives Sheet + Revenue Generating Activities
    • Daily Objectives, Product Research, Revenue Generating Activities
  • 9
    Influencer Funnels
    • Influencer Funnels
  • 10
    Live Q/A's
    • Live Q&A 02-06 (New Product Testing Strategy)
  • 11
    Branding 101
    • Branding 101 With @chin
  • 12
    Twitter Advertising
    • Intro To Twitter Ads
    • How Twitter Ad Spots Work
    • Twitter vs. Instagram/Facebook
    • Twitter Ad Creatives
  • 13
    Private Supplier
    • How To Get A Private Supplier
  • 14
    Backend Setup (Email & Messenger Marketing)
    • Abandoned Cart Template
  • 15
    • Print On Demand Explained by Yazir Saldivar @yazirdoesmarketing
    • Models For Your POD Store by Yazir
    • How To Get Designs


We will be raising the price every week due to us adding additional content. Some of the topics include: Google Adwords, Twitter Marketing, Snapchat Marketing, Pintrest Marketing, Chatbots (Manychat + Instagram) and much, much more! Click Invest In Yourself Today Below to get started!

2 Years Ago...

I wish someone had created a program like this back when I started my ecommerce journey over 2 years ago. I've done all the hard work for you: 2 years of everything I learned, jam packed into one cheat sheet.

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Bonus Material

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  • Elite Cheatsheet Mastermind Group

    The Cheatsheet Mastermind Group is an exclusive Facebook & Discord Group for all Cheatsheet Students. You will be able to bounce ideas and network with like minded, motivated, entrepreneurs.

  • Exclusive Weekly Live Q&A

    As you progress in your eCommerce journey, you may have (most likely will) specific questions that are not covered in the cheatsheet. No worries, I will be going live once a week in our group (& recording the lives) to answer all questions for my students.

  • Access to Program Updates

    Getting in the cheatsheet early is an amazing investment on your part. You will be getting lifetime access to the updated content in the program.